Planet Orders

Produce  p <planet name> <CAP | MAT | DRIVE | WEAPONS | SHIELDS | CARGO | ship type name>
Route  r <origin planet name> <CAP | COL | EMP | MAT> [destination planet name]
Victory  v <planet name>
Rename  n <current planet name> <new planet name>

Ship Type Orders

Design  d <name> <drive mass> <attacks> <weapons mass> <shields mass> <cargo mass>
Rename  t <current ship type name> <new ship type name>
Eliminate  e <ship type name>

Group Orders

Send  s <group number> <planet name> [number of ships]
Intercept  i <group number> <planet name> [number of ships]
Load  l <group number> <CAP | COL | MAT> [number of ships] [AMOUNT <amount>]
Unload  u <group number> [number of ships] [AMOUNT <amount>]
Upgrade  g <group number> [number of ships]
Break  b <group number> <number of ships>
Scrap  x <group number> [number of ships]
Halt  h <group number>

Fleet Orders

Send  s <fleet name> <planet name>
Intercept  i <fleet name> <planet name>
Design  d FLEET <fleet name>
Join  j <group number> <fleet name> [number of ships]
Leave  b <group number> FLEET
Eliminate  e <fleet name>
Merge  j <fleet name> <fleet name>
Rename  t <current fleet name> <new fleet name>
Halt  h <fleet name>

Player Orders

Player  = <FirstName LastName>
Race  c <new player race name>
Map  m <x> <y> <extent>
Options  o [NO] <anonymous | autounload | battleprotocol | compress | gplus | groupforecast | machinereport | planetforecast | prodtable | routesforecast | shiptypeforecast | sortgroups | txtreport | xmlreport>
Password  y <new password>
Email  z <new email address>
Quit  q <player's race name>

Race Orders

Alliance  a <alien race name>
War  w <alien race name>
Message  @ [alien race name...]
Email  f <alien race name>