Join a new game:

To join a new game send an email to the GalaxyNG game server (e.g. with the subject "Join GameName." You will receive a confirmation email from the server. To find a game, subscribe to GalaxyNG-Players or visit a GalaxyNG server:

Get a turn viewer:

To display the map and create orders, download a turn viewer. Galaxyview and MkGal are very popular. Download some turn reports and orders so you can experiment with the turn viewer.

Learn about the game:

Ask for help:

Players and GMs alike will be happy to help you. Ask questions on the GalaxyNG-Players mailing list or send an email to your GM.

Submit orders for the first turn:

When the game begins, you will receive a Turn 0 report. You must send your first set of orders prior to Turn 1 deadline, and continue sending orders on subsequent turns, otherwise you will be eliminated from the game. Send an email to the GalaxyNG server with the subject "orders." The first line of your orders should be "#GALAXY GameName RaceName Password" and the last line should be "#END."

Send anonymous email to other races:

Send an email to the GalaxyNG server with the subject "relay RaceName". The first line of the message should be "#GALAXY GameName RaceName Password." The body of your message will be relayed to the other player by the server. Remember to end your message with "#END" to prevent your opponents from reading your signature. Also, if you send your message in HTML or HTML+text, the other player will get a copy of your email address, racename and password - causing all kinds of havoc! Make sure that your email client sends plain ASCII text only.

Conquer the galaxy:

Hard work and experience will pay off in the end, as you conquer the galaxy and destroy your enemies!